Fake Air Jordan 2 UNC Converse Pack Spotted -Quick Tips To Identify Them

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I haven’t done any “Real Vs Fake” comparison in a while partly because I’ve been quite busy with other contingencies. The moratorium is now over and today we’ll take a look at the Fake Air Jordan 2 UNC I came across a few days ago. Again it’s hard to do a comparison when the shoes aren’t on hand ( more reasons for you to be careful when buying from 3rd party sellers) but I try my best to find the nuances that I think give away the replicas.

You can clearly how thicker the heel collar is on the authentic pair, it may not be very apparent but take a close look and you’ll notice it. And the craftsmanship on the lining is very mediocre on the fakes ( crooked). Take a look at the blue plastic piece on the heel counter, if you look at its ridges, they are more spaced out on the authentic pair and very contracted on the fakes. And the inclination of the plastic piece is more obtuse on the authentic pair and steeper on the fakes.

The surface of the midsole is pretty rugged on the authentic pair and smooth on the fakes.

The differences on this picture are pretty obvious; the collar forms almost a semi circle on the authentic pair ( look at the its cut), but on the fakes, the collar is horizontal and do not forget to look at the poor craftsmanship again on the lining. Here you see a clear difference between the ridges on the blue piece on the heel counter- spaced out on the authentic pair and contracted on the fakes.

The Jordan wings logo is more extended at its edges on the authentic pair than it is on the fakes, see yellow arrows.

On the fakes, the “Nike” wording isn’t even noticeable and the “size ” of the shoes is also hardly noticeable ( see yellow circle). And look at the paint job on the fakes; on the authentic pair the red extends a little further.

Notice the clear differences on the top of the box- the fakes do not bear the Converse logo.

Well, there you have it, I’m sure the fakes will get an update soon and if that happens I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated as well.

Here is where you can the authentic pairs from


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